Our Land, Our Water, Our Democracy LIV Lobby Day March 5th

Officials Were Warned

For years, officials have been warned about the consequences of pumping aquifers too hard and too fast and especially Vista Ridge (“the hose”) as the mistaken “California water model” for Texas. Still no action from state and local officials, even after the Big Freeze — about which the state was warned since 2011. Senator Charles Perry, as chair of the Senate Committee on Water, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, sat on any bills that he — and his corporate ag boosters[…]

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Tuesday Big Squeeze FORUM, Wednesday urgent meeting in Lee County!

This coming Tuesday’s Big Squeeze Virtual LIV Forum is not to be missed. There’s also an urgently important in-person meeting in Lee County, Wednesday night and more in a region.  So far as we can see today (after last night’s Texas House deliberations on SB 3, the energy DEform bill) and what was “allowed” to come forward by Sen. Charles Perry on water, we have a ‘melluva-hess’ session on our hands. We’ll see on sine die (the session’s end, May[…]

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The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze: government two-party failure not an option

It’s no surprise to Texas independents that the Big Squeeze goes hand in hand with the Big Freeze. and the ever corroding influence of the two-party monopoly in Texas. Those who run the City of Austin — largely Democrats — have repeatedly rejected any smart and doable strategies to temper its growth to avoid the very crisis the city is in today. Austin’s crisis just hit national news in this CBS-TV report! In 2011, the GOP dominated Texas Legislature was[…]

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