As our country mourns the dead — LIV News, June 3

As our country mourns the dead and celebrates their uniqueness, we suggest you read this very personal and beautiful account of those who knew  “gentle giant”, George Floyd in Texas Monthly. Special thanks to Richard Winger (Ballot Access News & Center for Competitive Democracy) for his review of Lee Drutman’s revolutionary new book, “Breaking the Two-Party Doom Loop.” Drutman’s proposals for fundamental restructuring of our electoral system may be required to heal and unite our country today. LIV is here[…]

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Our Land, Our Water, Our Elections

The Quest to End Two-Party Rule: Part 3

The Quest to End Two-Party Rule: Part 3 “We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” – Sir Isaac Newton In a Part 1 of this blog, I suggested that there were three aspects that should be considered as we engage in our quest to end two-party political rule: 1) an elaboration on the nature of the Opportunity (Part 2) that lies before us, 2) an identification of the Barriers to change that stand in our way, and 3)[…]

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