hearing on desired future conditions

Last Hearing on Desired Future Conditions

WaterDefenders.orgĀ — Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund and Environmental Stewardship — urge your attendance (in person or online) at the last hearing on Desired Future Conditions in Groundwater Management Area 12. The Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District Board wants to hear from you, especially if you live in Bastrop or Lee County. We have prepared for you the Event Page below with all the details, including our own original document — Desired Future Conditions for Dummies. Mind you, we don’t think[…]

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A Special Message to Fayette County

This is a special message to Fayette County because we think you live in Fayette County or very near the Fayette County line. Please correct us if we’re wrong. We hope you will attend a meeting on Monday and a public hearing in July. Read on. What we have to tell you concerns 10 counties east of I-35, where decisions affecting the future of our aquifers are in process by our groundwater districts. Please know that the pumping underway by[…]

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Dizzy Yet?

Are ya dizzy yet? We are at LIV. We almost forgot about tonight’s salvo on the battle over the “DFCs” — the desired future conditions! The WATER WAR just 40 miles east of the Capitol Dome is where multiple groundwater districts could make a monumentally flawed or sound decision for managing aquifers. Depletion or conservation sounds simple but it’s not. Landowner wells, the canaries in the mine, are experiencing serious damage in just the first year of this 30-60 year[…]

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