SAWS Keeps Dumping on YOU as SD 14 Runoff is ON!

SAWS keeps dumping on you. Now that Vista Ridge is pumping (full bore expected in August), San Antonio’s public water utility apparently thinks they can claim victory because they are “waterful”, a word they had the audacity to make up! What the San Antonio City Council is allowing to happen to 1.8 million ratepayers, to landowners 142 miles away, and to a precious water resource — in the midst of a pandemic — begs for a serious head examination. You[…]

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Ah, we just love a horse race!

Ah, we just love a horse race! We will have some important news for you on Monday about “The San Antone Hose” but just a quick reminder that today, Friday, July 10, is the last day to vote early in the major party primary runoffs AND the oh-so-special Senate District 14 Jungle Primary. We have updated our Senate District 14 page to include in depth pieces from The Austin Bulldog on the two Democratic candidates running, Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, and[…]

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Special Election SD 14

Two Very Important Events

These two very important events are happening on Monday and Tuesday night. We hope this reaches you in time. You can’t really miss the horse race in Senate District 14 or all the dish on Vista Ridge dumping (wasting) the most expensive water in Texas, can you? Heck no! Monday night, June 22, 7 pm, is a Zoom Candidate Forum with the two leading Democrats running in a six-way race on July 14th in the special election for Senate District[…]

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