The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze LIV Virtual Forum

The League of Independent Voters presents the Big Squeeze forum to bring together two looming issues in Texas, the mismanagement of what we cannot live without — energy and water. Last month’s forum focused on the Big Freeze — be sure and visit our Big Freeze page dedicated to this ongoing issue and watch the video of the event. This forum — on the Big Squeeze — has to do with the “Desired Future Conditions” being set right now by[…]

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Big Freeze forum

Big Freeze Forum Monday!

Don’t miss LIV’s Big Freeze Forum on Monday, April 12, 7 pm! Who made billions off the Big Freeze disaster while we were freezing in our own homes? How much will you owe from the mishandling of the storm? We will focus on what, we peons (ratepayers), can actually do about this. Don’t be surprised if the Legislature tries to bury the bodies on this one, it becomes the central issue in the 2022 election. All voters will not forget,[…]

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