Water and utility reform

Does anyone not yet get how important water and utility reform are in today‚Äôs Texas? Simsboro Aquifer Water Defense Fund (SAWDF) grew out of Neighbors for Neighbors and was co-founded by Michele Gangnes, who also co-founded LIV years later. We owe Michele, NFN and SAWDF bigtime because they are honest and informed solutions seekers to end the Texas water wars for the benefit of all. We are asking you to AMPLIFY SAWDF today by contributing to their fundraising efforts at[…]

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Mark Cuban independent presidental option?

Release: Lawsuit Challenges Texas Ballot Access Laws

LAWSUIT CHALLENGES TEXAS BALLOT ACCESS LAWS! BIG news for Texas Independents! With some powerful pro-bono legal chops from Shearman & Sterling and the non-profit Center for Competitive Democracy — against the unfair petition rules for independents and minor parties in Texas — independent voters hit the news! The suit was filed within days Ross Perot’s passing. Perot had the deep pockets to afford a “world class” campaign in 1992 and 1996. But you shouldn’t have to be a billionaire to[…]

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