TOP Joins Homegrown Petition Drive for SAWS Accountability

TOP Joins Homegrown Petition Drive for SAWS Accountability. Check it out. LIV is developing “homegrown petitions” — petitions not reliant on big donors and, well, let’s call it “gastroturf”. Homegrown petitions also drive the hogs at the public trough nuts! Try stopping volunteers. The SAWS Act PAC in San Antonio is a grand 20,000 signature homegrown petition drive to reform SAWS — a nearly billion dollar public water utility, we’ve been complaining, endlessly, for years. Now, a volunteer coalition is[…]

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Let the Games Begin

Let the Games Begin, Mark Miller

Let the Games Begin When it came to ballot access for independent and minor party candidates, the 86th Texas Legislature’s hypocrisy, ignorance, and gamesmanship were clearly on display. This is not surprising. Our elections statutes that apply to anyone who is not a Democrat or Republican is of little concern to those who represent us – except when they impact their chances of gaining or retaining power. Our esteemed legislators were clearly looking over their shoulders at the 2018 election[…]

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