The elephant in the Texas voting booth that neither party wants to talk about.

The elephant in the Texas voting booth that neither party wants to talk about is the suppression of a plurality of Texas voters.  Surprise! There are more non-aligned and independent Texans than Democrats or Republicans. We at LIV see the Texas GOP fighting the inevitable as Texas turns not blue but into a politically competitive state. Competition is good, though we have big bones to pick with both parties. This survey conducted by a respected Republican pollster, Chris Perkins (Ragnar Research,[…]

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are independents just swing voters

Big Independent Texas News!

Before you read this Big Independent News! from LIV, please read the following: This coming Wednesday at 7 pm, we will talk about these topics on a Zoom/phone-in. Reply to this message if you’d like to join us with your name and county. We’ll send you the instructions for how to join by phone or computer. BIG INDEPENDENT NEWS!!! Today, the SAM Party filed papers to set up a new political party for Texas voters, citing 55% of Texans self-identify as[…]

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King Greg Abdicates: Energy and Water Cutoffs Soon

Let me tell you a little story about how we got to this place as energy and water cutoffs are in the air as King Greg Abdicates. In the late 90s, I called on Austin voters to vote to put me on the City Council using my tongue-in-cheek slogan, “Linda for A Little Less Corruption.” It got me plenty of laughs and some unexpected votes. I was making calls to get out the vote during early voting, and Greg Abbott,[…]

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Let the Games Begin

Join LIV’s Zoom Call

Join LIV’s Zoom call, Wednesday night, March 10, 7 pm. Send us a note to with your name, phone and city or county. Or give us a call at 512.213.4511. Wednesday Night’s Topic: Election and Energy Reform in the Texas Legislative Session, how LIV is redeveloping, a new party forms in Texas. Note: LIV is non-partisan and does not endorse parties or candidates. Professor Mark Miller came up through the oil fields to become a UT-Austin Faculty member and[…]

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Hogs at the Trough joined by LCRA

Conservative Calls Vista Ridge Manmade Climate Crisis

When a Conservative Calls Vista Ridge Manmade Climate Crisis maybe some will listen but it won’t be SAWS or their private partners. Burleson, Milam, Lee and Bastrop countians, come to Post Oak Hearing October 3rd and be heard. It’s your water. Question:  What happens SAWS Comes for Water They Don’t Need? Friday’s #GlobalClimateStrike witnessed saw millions take to the streets all around the world demanding action on the world’s climate crisis. Many Texas rallied as well, including a large contingent at[…]

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Governor turns The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS — Vetoes HB 1806!

Governor turns The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS — Vetoes HB 1806! Governor Greg Abbott gave Texans a wonderful gift Saturday when he vetoed House Bill 1806 and turned The Hose (Vista Ridge) on SAWS, San Antonio’s public water utility. Read the Governor’s official statement here. The Governor’s veto sent a clear message to SAWS’ publicly-funded lobby team that they need to give their shenanigans with other people’s water and wallets a rest. Abbott is no fool. The Governor locked[…]

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In Post-Harvey Texas Will Governor Abbott Allow a Manmade Disaster?

Is it possible that Governor Greg Abbott will intervene in this manmade disaster in the making – the draining of the oh so slow (in human terms) to recharge Simsboro – just 30 miles east of his residence? Some would say only God and Mother Nature “own” the Simsboro — humanity only stewards it. The Governor most needs to hear from you. His number is 512.463.2000. Ask for his intervention and pray for the divine too.

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