Big Freeze forum

The Big Freeze: We Shall Not Forget

Who made billions off the Big Freeze disaster while we were freezing in our homes? Don’t be surprised if the Legislature tries to bury the bodies on this one, and it becomes the central issue in the 2022 election. Voters will not forget, especially millions of independent, non-aligned Texans who can swing elections in the not-so-great state of Texas. You’re gonna love this! Moderator:  Mark Miller Speakers (in order):  Virginia Palacios, Paul Robbins & Bill King Resource experts will be[…]

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Paul Robbins Power Presentation

March 8, 2021 Presentation to Joint Meeting of Electric Utility Commission and Resource Management Commission Commission Members: I am Paul Robbins.  I am an environmentalist, consumer advocate, and observer of Austin Energy since 1977. Before my main comments on the outages, I want to ask the Chair of the Resource Management Commission to post me on the next agenda to discuss the utility’s broken Customer Assistance Program.  Money has been given to the wrong people or the wrong purpose for[…]

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Austin Environmental Directory

The 10th edition of the Austin Environmental Directory, a sourcebook of green issues, products, services, and organizations, has now been released. The publication began in 1995. The 2020/2021 edition, perfect-bound, 148-pages, and in full-color, is free to the public. Places in Austin where it will be distributed include Half-Price Books, Wheatsville Food Coop, and Central Market-North Lamar. It is also online at New content is under appropriate headings, while content from previous editions is also posted. There are several[…]

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