Stop the SAWS Profiteers!

Stop the SAWS Profiteers! LIV proudly presents this online petition “Stop the Water Profiteers at SAWS” at Voters from both major and both minor parties agree on at least one thing. It is all kind of Texas wrong for a public water utility to soak (pun intended) ratepayers on behalf of the biggest welfare queens on the planet — land speculators and BIG developers. The petition calls upon Gov. Greg Abbott; the chairs of the two major parties –[…]

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LIV Newsletter November 5

In this LIV Newsletter November 5 issue:
 ►Manny’s Problem Pregnancy…Vista Ridge. ►Austin’s Local Election — Adler Attacks on Petition Rights. ►So, this IS news! Voting Today, Tuesday, November 5th! ►King Lobby, Oil and Gas, rein in attempts by guess who. ►Manny’s Problem Pregnancy.   Perhaps no San Antonio City Council Member is more deserving of his phone ringing off the hook with SAWS rateapayer complaints than District 8 Manny Palaez. San Antonio Water System’s phone is, apparently, also ringing off the[…]

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Make calls as soon as you see this

We at LIV really hope you will make calls as soon as you see this as the legislature moves into its final phase ending on May 27. And, please share the love with share buttons on this page or our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter too. ►It’s time to KILL this BAD Petition Bill, SB 323! Calls needed now, including eves or weekends. ►HB 1066, brought to us by the SAWS lobby team for water hustlers to mute landowner[…]

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KILL BILL — BAD Petition Bill, SB 323!

KILL BILL — bad petition bill, SB 323! Action:  Make your calls immediately to any of the Calendars Committee members to “tag” the bill (see below for list), then call your State Representative to alert him or her that you want them to put the Texas stomp on it IF it hits the floor! Find your Texas House Rep here, LIV tried our very best to work with the committee chairs responsible for this mistaken legislation, to no avail. Note:[…]

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Reaching Texas Independents

Who Will Debate Prop A on Vista Ridge in San Antonio?

Who Will Debate Prop A on Vista Ridge? Tuesday, October 16, 7 – 8 pm, Pan American Golf Association Clubhouse 2300 Avenue B, San Antonio 78215 For details, visit our Event Page Here Or invite your Facebook friends from here. Leading Water Attorney Agrees to Debate FOR Prop A Because of Vista Ridge; SAWS Chairman Berto Guerra Declines to Debate PROP A, Mayor Nirenberg now invited! At Tuesday’s San Antonio Water System (SAWS) board meeting some things happened that made[…]

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Letter to Join Texans for Electoral Competition

The signers of this letter represent an array of Texans across party lines and ideology that recently formed a coalition — Texans for Electoral Competition. TEC intends to engage in supporting and opposing legislation in the 2017 legislative session to open up electoral competition for all Texans. You are receiving this letter to invite you to join our coalition.

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