The world turns May 20

LIV Newsletter, July 2019

If you think it’s time for an independent political movement, outside the parties of war, cronyism and corruption, join us already, y’all! Become an LIV Member Today. ►Much has been said about Ross Perot’s passing but little from his grassroots. That’s us at the League of Independent Voters who got up close enough to find long-lasting appreciation and love for the imperfect Ross Perot. They – the insurgents – never are perfect. But the timing of his death was so[…]

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San Antonio LIV Founding!

Join us for the San Antonio LIV Founding meeting.  We’re thrilled to have the League of Independent Voters of Texas now in San Antonio! We share these pictures from the San Antonio Earth Day Festival on April 13. These candidates — Reinette King (Dist. 10), Maria Perez (Dist. 10) and Ray Zavala (Dist. 1) joined us and the “Papoose” — our cowgirl trailer to help gather signatures on the “Vista Ridge and Pay to Play” LIV petition here. All were[…]

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Call your Rep NOW, y’all! Vote NO on HB 1066.

It’s time to call your rep now, y’all! This is no April Fool’s prank. Though perhaps we are fools for trying to stop this completely unnecessary manmade disaster on groundwater depletion. We’re also beginning to wonder if the Republican Party of Texas is preparing to throw those who elected them — rural Texans — under the bus. We need your calls today and tomorrow to get State Representatives of all political persuasions, rural and urban, to vote NO on HB[…]

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