Groundwater is more valuable than oil

More and more Texans have smelled the coffee that groundwater is more valuable than oil, so why subsidize growth by benefiting water profiteers. We need calls before HB 1066 hits the Senate Floor tomorrow, May 2! FIND YOUR LEGISLATORS HERE Call tonight and leave a message…see the Fact Sheet on this bill below. And ask your family and friends to make a call too! This Fact Sheet prepared by Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) and signed on to by[…]

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Urban-rural Water Call-In Day — and week!

Today is urban-rural water call-in day marking a united Texas effort to get the water hogs out of the trough. If you miss this message, do this anytime this week (though watch for updates) and get set for a long haul until the end of session, May 29th. We have repeatedly warned you that THIS is the largest, most egregious transfer of wealth planned for this session.

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The water sucking monster, Gridzilla

Clobber the water & wallet grabbers!

Senate Bill 1392 by Sen. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) is up for hearing in the Senate’s Agriculture, Water and Rural Affairs Committee THIS MONDAY (April 10) at 2 p.m.  The Bill is Gridzilla’s flagship this session. URGENT ACTION BEFORE THE 2 P.M. HEARING IS REQUIRED–—SB 1392 needs to die in Committee NOW before it gets loaded up with equally bad amendments. Please get this out to your networks in rural, urban and suburban Texas right away: Call your Senator’s office anytime[…]

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Release: Texas Water Development Board Violating Open Government Laws

For Immediate Release                                                                        January 23, 2017 League of Independent Voters of Texas Claims Texas Water Development Board in Violation of Texas Open Meetings Act The people of Texas have a vital interest in water.  Yet, the Texas Water Development Board is, in essence, holding a secret meeting–what they call a “unique opportunity” available only to their invited presenters and those who pay $525 to attend–to set their course on water allocation issues.  If there was ever[…]

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