Political Independents Conference — UH Hilton

Independent voters are uniting to educate and self-organize. We hope to see Houston area independents — of all persuasions — at this event! More details are at this MeetUp Page about the events, such as: Deficit Reduction Workshop by Phil Smith of the Concord Coalition. Hear from some Independent candidates! Independents’ Watch Debate Party — Will Cruz and/or Beto speak to our concerns? We’re keeping a scorecard. Many thanks to the newly formed Unite Houston for their assistance and guidance[…]

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We can't let the parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind

Don’t let the parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind.

Don’t let the two parties keep us deaf, dumb and blind. Read and share this newsletter. In this LIV Newsletter: ►First Cruz/Beto Debate, Beto Scores Indy Points! ►LCRA Heats Up Water War in Simsboro counties east of Austin! ►Houston, THIS Sunday, Political Independents Conference at UH! (Details here!) ►San Antonio Debate Watch, October 16th. Details TBA. ►San Antonio & Austin City Halls Fight Petitions for Public Votes! First Cruz/Beto Debate, Beto Scores, Both Have Two More Chances! Did you hear[…]

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