Memory Loss of Memorial Day

Americans have suffered memory loss of Memorial Day at a moment when it’s urgently important for us all to remember. In this issue: ► The Origins of Memorial Day ► Kinder Morgan Punctures Vista Ridge Pipeline! ► Help Push The Prime Act Over Finish Line! (Call Bernie, y’all!) ► Important Updates ► VERY Important Events ► The Origins of Memorial Day:  Why do so few of us know the origins of Memorial Day? The answer is seen in this uniquely[…]

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The world turns May 20

May 20 LIV Newsletter: As the world turns

As the world turns, so do we here at LIV. We encourage your feedback by using the comments on our blog. Just follow the links for each individual article, or comment on this main newsletter page. And please share any of this with your Texas independent pals using our lavish share buttons or forward this message. In this May 20 LIV Newsletter: (scroll down for more on these topics) ►  What do Angus King & Rand Paul Have In Common?[…]

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