Public Hearing Related to Vista Ridge

Your attendance, especially if you live in Burleson or Milam County, is needed at this public hearing related to Vista Ridge. This is especially true for well owners — you can be recognized as an “affected” party at this meeting. Folks in Lee County are also likely affected and even some in Bastrop County! The Vista Ridge mega-permit of 50,000 acre-feet spells for well drawdowns that far, folks. Who will pay to lower your well as a result of the[…]

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Construction or Destruction

Whining IS Allowed for PARTICIPANTS!

To us at LIV, Whining IS Allowed for PARTICIPANTS! Is the obsession to build massive unaffordable and unlivable metroplexes in Texas becoming intolerable to you? This is uniting rural and urban Texans who are catching the drift: ever rising taxes and fees, homelessness, concentrated poverty, increased public safety risks, and harm to critically important land and water resources. Fact:  San Antonio just won another dubious award — the highest poverty rate of the nation’s top 25 cities, surpassing Detroit!

Fact: The[…]

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