Tale of Two Aquifers Letter to San Antonio City Council

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Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.01.43 AMStop the Vista Ridge $3.4B Water Grab! 

Click here to hear San Antonio interim Mayor Ivy Taylor on KTSA-550 AM explain (badly) why she doesn't have to listen to the "environmentalists" complaining about Vista Ridge. Call Taylor at 210.207.2280, then, if you live in San Antonio, call your Council District Member at 210.207.7040

This is a woeful tale of two aquifers -- the great Simsboro formation of the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer underlying Burleson, Milam, Lee and Bastrop counties AND the great Edwards Aquifer and recharge zone in central Texas. They "belong" to the people who live over them, not water profiteers and politicians trying to get ahead. Share this tale of two aquifers with your friends. Get them to sign the letter and get ready for coming rounds with the central Texas real estate growth lobby, y'all!

Go to our Vista Ridge page for updates and background.

We want to visit your community if you are affected by this project. Invite us!


  1. San Antonio where our forfathers fought for the Rights of “all Texans” and the corrupt politicians in & around San Antonio decided they were the “chosen few”, and are stealing the water from Central Texas as if it is in their own backyards. I paid for my land and everything underneath it. The possibility of needing more water could be taken care of w/a pipeline from the Gulf to several de-salinization plants just as easy as stealing from Central Texas.

  2. If the same amount of water were to be used to water lawns and wash cars in San Antonio, which already has seen the need to conserve water resources, neither SAWS nor the City Council would permit it.
    The idea of piping water some 142 miles is simply bizarre and twisted. To supply homes that are not even built yet pushed this logic to a higher level of strange.
    Just because there is water- or any resource- present in a given location does not mean we should extract it.
    And, as I understand, Texas law says that the owner of land owns everything under it also. I don’t think you can justify taking this water from its source for any reason to provide to people who don’t live there.
    SA’s growth must be based on sustainable practices- not ones based on the idea of unlimited resources, which is by now obviously discredited.

  3. My family relies on a home water well for it’s water source from the Simsboro Aquafer. As you know, private water wells are shallow in nature and will be the first to go dry if this plan is enacted. I can not afford to loose my water to a city over 100 miles away that has failed to plan ahead – I expect you to stop this plan and consider a more local remedy to San Antonio’s water problems.

    1. Alright now, Hershell, play nice.
      I am from San Antonio and do not agree with this LAND and WATER GRAB! I believe in property rights wholeheartedly. I was taught “measure 3 times and cut once” for a well planned, monetarily efficient project/job. What a waste of resources this would be if brought to fruition.
      Figure out a better way SA!
      I know, maybe if my ding dong neighbors would stop excessively watering their lawns and xeriscape instead, this along with other conservation strategies/efforts, we might just see our aquifer levels rise creating no need for outside sources. If needed desalination is the way to go, not this Tom foolery.

      1. Thanks for being NOT a ding dong neighbor, Glenda. Please become a member of the League and get ready for the next round on Vista Ridge. We have 30 months to bust the contract. We hope to see you at our first state meeting — being held in Wimberley and reaching out to folks across the 142-mile pipeline. Back soon!

  4. As a native Burleson county resident and property owner I refuse to allow any water under my property to be exported to any municipality. If the water table decreases 4′ under my property you have just stolen my yearly allotment of water. Why is it that all land owners are not compensated for water draw down in the aquifer under our property? If we are not compensated then who will pay for me drilling a deeper well or the work over cost that I incur for lowering my pump in my well?

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