We have lots and lots of ways you can help grow the League across Texas. If you are ready to volunteer for a voter association for independent voters in Texas, this is it!

If you want to do any of these or you have something else you want to do, just let us know. Call us at 512-213-4511, send us an email or go to the contact section of this website. We love hearing from you, especially if you want to get active. Ride 'em (the lobbies) high, y'all!

Things for League Volunteers to do. Their importance is not necessarily in this order except the first one.

  • First and foremost, join the League -- visit our "Join" page and pay your dues!
  • Build a chapter in your area. You join first, then get 9 others in your community to join and you’re chapter is up and running! (In some parts of the state, we can also feed members into your chapter.)
  • Attend local meetings, including elective bodies.
  • Local Businesses: display our yard signs and/or distribute our fliers.
  • Legislative Team:  Develop legislative agenda options. This requires some legal skills, though it is not necessary to be a lawyer.
  • Legal Team:  Develop legal strategies. Attorneys preferred.
  • Writers:  Cover issues in which our members are involved to post on our blog or to send to media. We also need copy editors!
  • Tech Team:  Work with our database.
  • Membership/Fundraising:  A centralized team has begun dialing for members and dues to fund the League. We will train you. Calls can be made from home, but you must have high-speed internet.
  • Events:  Staff tables at upcoming events. These are lots of fun to do!
  • Administrative work:  Done from our office in Bastrop or, in some cases, from home. Bookkeeping skills a plus too!
  • Tour Team: Be part of a lead team that brings us into all parts of the state. You would need high-speed internet and free long-distance calling or to come to our office (our preference).
  • Write letters to the editor. You’re on your own and we’re also happy to assist.


  1. I would love to get involved in any way and help grow the organization. Please let me know about upcoming opportunities.

  2. I would love to join but first I would like to attend a meeting. I live in Houston -Westchase area.
    Please let me know when something gets organized. Thanks

    1. Better yet, why don’t you help set up a meeting in your area, Patricia. We would love to come. Just realize it’s a big state and we’re too new to cover all of it. Let us know if you’re up to lending a hand — first step is finding a good location for us to hold a meeting. Libraries are usually free. Then, we would ask that you come an invite a few friends and, if you use Facebook, getting the word out. We’ll do more to publicize the meeting.

      You can directly contact us at info@independentleagueTX.org or by calling 512-213-4511. Thanks for the suggestion!

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