Water Grid to Fuel Unbridled Unaffordability

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WaterGridMapThe Texas Water Grid Bill, HB 3298 needs to be stopped. Do you really want to see masses of water moved from East Texas to San Antonio, DFW or Austin, to fuel unbridled and unaffordable in-migration population growth or bottling plants that ship our water out across the US for profit? Then ignore this message.

Rep. Lyle Larson's Water Grid Bill -- HB 3298 (and it's companion in the Senate, SB 1907) is still in the House Calendars Committee. Remember, Calendars decides when the bill is released to the House floor for a full vote. If passed, it then goes to the Senate.

We still need your help to stop HB 3298.

Read this Fact Sheet on HB 3298. Note the groups working together to stop it. Then call the Calendars Committee members. Simply tell them you oppose HB 3298 and want to see Texas focus on maximizing water conservation first -- and pursuing a longterm solution to our water problems -- desalination.

Click here for the House Calendars Committee

Note: On the Calendars Committee pages we set up for you, if you click on each member's city, it will open into a map their district. We have provided this for you to see if you know folks who live in those districts. If so, please call them and ask them to call their representative. Hearing from their own constituents is ten times as valuable as hearing from someone outside their district.

We also have lists of folks you can call in those districts. Be on Saturday's 9 am conference call if you want to volunteer or just call us. Reply for conference call instructions if you don't have them already.

You might read this excellent op-ed on HB 3298 by Ken Kramer, Sierra Club's well-respected water expert.

Let's keep thog-hunting-hog-trapping-wild-boar-001-e1301884900156he special interest hogs out of our water troughs, please dear Texans.


  1. In addition to calling members of the House Calendars Committee, I suggest we also send them each an email that includes information from this valuable fact sheet. That way they will have our opposition in writing. I get the impression that whoever answers their phones is simply registering “opposed to HB 3298/SB 1907” rather than writing down our reasons.

    1. Good idea, MaryLiz – many thanks. Also, the bill is likely to come up in the Senate on Tuesday, so please call your Senator to ask him or her to vote no in HB 1907 — against the ‘Water Grid Bill’.

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