Water Meetings in Giddings and Caldwell, y’all come

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Yes, we know. 'Tis the season to be jolly AND to watch your water rights!

This giant potty sits in the lobby of San Antonio Water System. This is where we fully intend to flush Vista Ridge!

This giant potty sits in the lobby of San Antonio Water System. This is where we fully intend to flush Vista Ridge!

Please come to one of these meetings next Wednesday night, December 17 -- in Giddings or in Caldwell:

* Lost Pines Groundwater Conservation District, 7 pm, Giddings City Hall, 188 Richmond Street. The LCRA keeps coming back -- now for the third time! LCRA, a river authority that should be looking out for, protecting, and conserving OUR Colorado River, is turning its back on the river, the bay, and its rural customers and neighbors, to satisfy its self-serving desires and urban demands for water. Lost Pines GCD needs to know we're there -- for as long and as many times as it takes to protect our water.

*  Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation District, 6 pm, Caldwell Civic Center, 103 West Hwy. 21, Caldwell, Texas. San Antonio Water System, BlueWater/Abengoa and the Post Oak Savannah GCD are holding this meeting as an "information session", or it is a sales pitch for Vista Ridge? You decide. Some of you Lee Countians might want to attend this meeting as the Vista Ridge wells will be just across the county line and their pumping could affect you! Don't let them snow you -- come with hard questions. Remember we have this webpage on Vista Ridge for some of the finer details.

SAVE THE DATE and reserve now! The League's First Annual Meeting now entitled, "The Rural-Urban Coalition for Local Control" was rescheduled for Saturday, January 24th and will be held at the American Legion Post 533, 3003 Loop 150, Bastrop. This meeting is to ready ourselves for the upcoming legislative session where LOCAL CONTROL will be front and center. Main topics: eminent domain and water. We'll also be working to educate the candidates likely to be running to replace the guy who just quit on the people of House District 17 (Lee, Bastrop, Caldwell, Gonzales and Karnes counties)...what's his name?

Click here to reserve a seat -- we expect it to be a full house. Cost $20, includes lunch.

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