Construction or Destruction

Whining IS Allowed for PARTICIPANTS!

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To us at LIV, Whining IS Allowed for PARTICIPANTS!

Is the obsession to build massive unaffordable and unlivable metroplexes in Texas becoming intolerable to you?

This is uniting rural and urban Texans who are catching the drift: ever rising taxes and fees, homelessness, concentrated poverty, increased public safety risks, and harm to critically important land and water resources.

Fact:  San Antonio just won another dubious award -- the highest poverty rate of the nation's top 25 cities, surpassing Detroit!

Fact: The only thing transparent about the Vista Ridge (San Antone Hose) obsessed SAWS is what's driving this destructive project -- big real estate's new developments between Austin and San Antonio. We pay, they make hay.

Fact:  Austin continues in its quest to densify so quickly, even more displacement of current residents is on the way.

Here's what you can actually DO about this, other than whine!

Tell your friends, democracy is not a spectator sport. In our book, whining IS allowed for all PARTICIPANTS.

PS If you get this in time, some of us will be at tomorrow's SAWS Board Meeting, 9 am. Join us or watch it on the stream at:

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